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| July 7, 2011

"Students have been delighted with its (PathXL’s) ease of use and its 24 hour, 365 day accessibility." Dr. Stephen McCullough, Head of Anatomy, Queens University Belfast

i-Path’s PathXL software continues to provide an innovative approach to classroom learning. A number of leading educational centres in the UK and further afield are recognising the benefits that PathXL can bring to medical education.

Queen's University, Belfast (link) is an institution with a world-class academic reputation and is a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities. Conventional microscopy was proving to be ineffective in teaching the approximately 2300 students in the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences; it was time consuming, difficult to establish standards in teaching or examining and unpopular among students.

With the help of i-Path, Queen’s introduced a virtual microscopy solution. By using PathXL, virtual slides could be viewed on-line and used in the same way as a conventional microscope by large numbers of students or trainees over a computer network, thus avoiding the necessity for them to be at a particular venue at a set time to attend a teaching or training session.

PathXL has helped enhance the learning experience of students who can practice histology in a digital environment in both the classroom and at home.  PathXL facilitates group learning as it enables students to discuss interesting slides on large computer monitors by viewing them digitally. In addition, with classroom control software, tutors can control single or multiple classroom monitors and communicate with individual students, with groups or the entire classroom from the front of the class.

"This versatile system has allowed us to construct practical classes that can interactively link a range of study material including virtual slides, micrographs, x-rays, anatomical specimens and lecture material." Dr. Stephen McCullough, Head of Anatomy, QUB


The University of Glasgow, School of Veterinary Medicine (link) has also chosen PathXL to help transform its learning environment.

In 2010 a new course in veterinary pathology was introduced for the undergraduate veterinary students, focussing on developing their enthusiasm for pathology in both practical, clinical and research contexts.

PathXL now provides the students with access to histopathological slides, including cytological smears. This system has been used to enhance laboratory-based microscopy classes at the University of Glasgow by enabling students to view, at their convenience, labelled slides in their area of study.

"Research has shown that veterinary students are comfortable with this type of computer-based study of pathology, committing larger periods of time to study of the course material than they are able to in microscope-based classes alone"  Dr. Pamela Johnston, University of Glasgow, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

PathXL has also been used in institutions such as Michigan State University (Veterinary Online Atlas), Nottingham University Hospital (Education Portal) and the Pathological Society (Educational Portal).


PathXL – Key Benefits For StudentsEnhanced learning experience

  • Ease of use
  • Freedom from optical stress
  • Better image quality
  • Time saving

Path XL – Key Benefits For Administrators

  • Ability to construct course-specific modules
  • Versatility
  • Practical classes can include a range of resources
  • Slides available to everyone at the same time
  • Cost savings

i-Path has a unique team of scientists and software developers that can offer advice and consultancy on a wide range of issues relating to virtual microscopy.

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