PathXL Performance Acceleration – Upgrade For All PathXL Users

| July 25, 2011

i-Path is pleased to introduce improved performance for PathXL platform, available to all customers from the 20th July 2011.  This upgrade will bring noticeable benefits for i-Path customers who use PathXL for research, education and clinical purposes.

The PathXL acceleration integrates with the PathXL Image Server to speed up the delivery of digital images.  From 20th July 2011 images will be provided to the customer using a faster network connection (gigabit) and intelligent algorithm compression techniques.  Current PathXL users will experience noticeable improvements,  with instantaneous image viewing on suitable bandwidth networks.

All i-Path hosted customers will benefit immediately from this upgrade with no additional effort required from the side of the customer.

Please contact the i-Path Support Team for more information.


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