OMNYX: Meet the Startup with Big Backing that is Digitizing Pathology

| August 23, 2011

By Matt Pross, TEQ Staff Writer

Nice piece on Omnyx and their approach.  Digital pathology is often cited as a $2 billion market as is mentioned a couple times in this story.  

"Leave it to the big boys to go and carve out a $2 billion global market with the goal to redefine pathology worldwide. That’s exactly what GE Healthcare and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) set out to do when they partnered to form Omnyx™. Focused on developing an entirely digital, integrated pathology solution, the joint venture has made significant progress toward this formidable goal since its founding in March 2008.


“The technology that was in use before OMNYX had a very niche focus and was used mainly in low volume/niche applications,” Tony Melanson, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing for OMNYX, said. “We saw the shortcomings of this technology and asked ourselves ‘what would it take to create a solution that would enable the high quality and high throughput necessary for pathology to evolve from an analog workflow into a digital practice?’ With its foundation in information technology systems for radiology, GE saw digitizing pathology as a natural progression and a great fit into the company’s existing portfolio. 

We also knew pathology was uncharted territory and decided to solicit the help of Carnegie Mellon University and their leading Human Computer Interaction teams to help us design an efficient workflow and appealing user interface with the help of UPMC pathologists.""

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