Chicago Bears Refuse To Go Digital

| September 20, 2011

16 Sept 2011 – The Chicago Bears football team, at a surprising press conference today at Soldier Field, have decided that no further games will be televised during the 2011 season. The stunned audience asked for further explanation, and was told it was ruining the game of American football.

“Football is meant to be watched directly, in the stands, with none of the artificial interference of television, advertising, and silly yellow lines drawn on the field so the fans are spoon-fed a ten yard distance” said one player that refused to be named. A second Bears player, who also refused to be mentioned, added “I am tired of all of my interceptions being recorded for posterity, to be watched over and over again. If people want to be involved in watching us play, they need to be there in person, they can use binoculars to see the plays.”

While some sports like baseball are better watched in person, and others like hockey shouldn't be watched at all, most people agree that football is improved by watching on TV. If football goes back to a non-digital media, it will likely lead to increased competition from other approaches to entertaining the American public, like basketball.  

The news is shocking the sports community…continue reading Digital Pathology Humor

— Submitted by a Denver Broncos fan who is still bitter at losing Cutler, but who can’t wait to see what pathologists will do with digital pathology in the future. 

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