Indica Labs Unveil Groundbreaking IHC Quantification Algorithm at Pathology Visions

| October 28, 2011



Very cool — robust image analysis combined with whole slide images with per-cell classification of multiple stains.  Negates region of interest detection & multiple slides for multiple stains.

Albuquerque, New Mexico   10/29/2011 – Indica Labs, Inc. will be unveiling a groundbreaking IHC quantification package at the 2011 Pathology Visions conference being held next week in San Diego.   The software represents the first of its kind for performing highly advanced automated immunohistochemistry (IHC) quantification of whole-slide images.

The new algorithm developed in collaboration with top US pharmaceutical companies, is highly configurable and can be used for a wide range of IHC applications.  It measures positivity of individual or multiple IHC stains on a single slide and the po­sitivity for each stain is measured on a per-cell basis where each cell is identified and classified as positive for antibody A, antibody B, both A and B, or neutral.  Furthermore, the software indicates the localization of IHC positivity as either nuclear, cytoplasmic, or both.  By using this algorithm, researchers have been able to improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating manual cell counting and subjective IHC assessment.  In addition the algorithm generates vast amounts of additional quantitative data that is otherwise unattainable by manual assessment.

Indica Labs, CEO Steven Hashagen stated:

“There are many IHC quantification tools on the market today but none of them combine the rich set of features that set apart the Indica IHC package.  By combining whole slide quantification, multi-stain analysis, per-cell scoring, and localized nuclear vs. cytoplasmic quantification, we have designed the most complete IHC package presently available.  This tool is already proving itself an asset among pharmaceutical companies where high-throughput, and highly detailed, quantitative image analysis results have become an essential part of translational research.”

The Indica Labs IHC quantification package will be showcased at the Pathology Visions conference in San Diego October 31st until November 2nd.  All attendees are encouraged to visit the Indica Labs booth (#319) for an in-depth product demonstration.  For more information about this product or any other products, you may also visit their website at, or contact to schedule a complementary demonstration.

About Indica Labs, Inc. 

Indica Labs provides sophisticated pathology image processing software for whole slide tissue analysis.  Indica Labs' software tools seamlessly integrate into leading digital pathology platforms to provide reproducible and highly quantitative data to pathologists in hospitals, academic medical centers, government research institutions, global pharmaceutical companies, and small biotech firms.  For more information, please visit  Indica Labs products are intended for research use only.



Indica Labs, Inc.

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