Webinar from LL Tech – November 9 @ 11:30 EST

| November 4, 2011


Digital Pathology Short

Dr. Claude Boccara to host Light-CT webinar presentation November 9th ! 

Wednesday, November 9, beginning 11:30 am EST.


Dr. Claude Boccara will present the Light-CT and compare and contrast different optical techniques in In Vivo imaging – two photos, confocal, OCT, FFOCT – discussing the tradeoffs and performances of each technology.  He will also highlight research versus commercial equipment, as well as future developments planned for the Light-CT.

Earlier this year, Dr. Boccara received the prestigious NIH "Bench-to-Bedside Pioneer Award," recognizing this breakthrough scientific and technological achievement, which will have a major impact in the improvement and cost-reduction of cared delivery.

The Light-CTTM is a unique, novel imaging system capable of performing 2-D and 3-D cellular digital imaging on fresh tissue without sacrificing the sample (even live animals), with a ~1 micron resolution in 2-D and 3-D.  The Light-CTTM is a table-top instrument that uses no lasers and is priced in the $150-$200k range.

Several references to the technology are available on the links to left of this mail (see Application notes)

We sincerely think you will be interested in speaking with us next week or at a forthcoming webinar session!



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