GE’s Clarient, Inc. And ACORN Research Announces Collaboration To Standardize Testing Of Common Cancers

| December 9, 2011

Clarient, Inc., a GE Healthcare company and ACORN Research LLC announced their strategic collaboration around molecular testing of tumor samples. The agreement will establish a standardized testing protocol across the ACORN network of oncology community practices and hospitals with treatment guidelines and clinical trial opportunities. These processes have the potential to improve oncology treatment and research that aim to deliver targeted treatments based on the specific genetic markers for each patient. The collaboration will establish a system for the collection of a broad array of tumor-specific biomarker data at the time of the patient’s initial cancer diagnosis. Clarient’s cancer diagnostics, combined with ACORN’s oncology network and advanced bioinformatics platform, will enable the patient’s medical team to better determine the effective treatment regimen for the patient’s tumor-specific biomarker profile. 

Category: Pathology News

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