UCT Digital Pathology Collection

| December 14, 2011
An online catalogue with thousands of pathology specimens used as a teaching collection. Detailed cases and exhibitions are available.

This website gives electronic access to several thousand pathology specimens in our pathology teaching collection. It is intended for use by undergraduate and postgraduate students in the health sciences. There are currently three main catalogues for (1) the anatomical pathology collection (2) the forensic pathology collection and (3) the obstetrics and gynaecology collection. (A paediatric pathology section is in the pipeline).

This is an historical collection (begun in the 1920’s) so the cataloguing is rather old fashioned. The specimens are catalogued by organ or system e.g. “kidneys” and then by broad pathological category e.g. “neoplasms”. Each specimen has a brief description and commentary along with good quality photographs. The emphasis is on macroscopic pathology; we are aiming to include more radiographic imaging and also microscopy going forward.

The site also includes a more detailed section with “student cases” that are useful as teaching cases, "specialist cases" presenting unusual cases, and a few online exhibitions around special topics.

The website is a work in progress so much of our material is still in the process of being reviewed and uploaded. 

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