New eBook on Companion Diagnostics Worth a Look

| December 22, 2011

Many thanks to Digital Pathology Insights for the tip on a book published on "Companion Diagnostics – The Future of Medicine".  Just a brief glance of the book on my Kindle – the book starts with a case study making the case for companion diagnostics and therapeutics and follows with the story of HER2 and Herceptin therapy.  Looks like regulatory issues and other approaches to personalized diagnoses and cure follow in the glance I took.  

The piece from FiercePharma mentions: 

"The balanced perspective offered in this unique work is both daunting and refreshing. Tracy outlines the many problems with these sorts of treatments in today's insurance company-ruled healthcare industry. Reimbursement for experimental drugs, terminology and marketing strategy are among those hurdles facing this burgeoning field. There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, and not just the light provided by the scientists working to break these boundaries: The FDA likes personalized medicine and has encouraged companion diagnostics research.

This book pursues truth and possibility in the promise of increased knowledge. These practices could change the future for all of us."

Courtesy of Digital Pathology Insights:

From the editor: FiercePharma Senior Editor Tracy Staton published an insightful ebook on companion diagnostics last week. It’s suggested reading for anyone interested in the promises of companion diagnostics, the obstacles on the way towards their widespread adoption and suggestions for their most effective development. The FDAs policy and the recent draft guidance on companion diagnostics (also see earlier post) receive particular attention and are very well put into context. It’s no big news that co-development of drugs and companion diagnostics will be required. However, the author’s broad discussion includes valuable thoughts on why the required efforts are challenging and how early partnerships between drugmakers and diagnostics companies can help meeting these challenges. Personalized medicine is still a somewhat distant goal but we’re starting to understand better how to get there. Click here to read the article on Fierce Biotech News or get the ebook.

Read more: Kindle readers: Download our ebook 'Companion Diagnostics: The Future of Medicine' ($4.99) – FierceBiotech 


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