DigiPath Announces PathGuarantee Protection

| January 6, 2012

DigiPath®, Inc, provider of affordable, innovative, and reliable digital pathology solutions yesterday announced its PathGuarantee™.

According to DigiPath, their PathGuarantee is the "digital pathology industry’s first Money Back Guarentee program".

Perhaps DigiPath offering these terms and conditions will allow interested folks to test the waters for themselves and lower the potential fiscal barrier to adoption.  It has been my experience that short, low or no-cost, no obligation type trials for scanning devices are hard to come by and not offered widely.  I think if more companies did so to allow potential clients to "test drive" the device and software for an agreed period of time, sales could potentially increase.  After all the due diligence a group, hospital, laboratory or research/pharmaceutical organization may go through to select a platform it could help make the decision which platform to go with after seeing for themselves any potential issues with recan rate, quality or speed and see if the manufacturer's claims are accurate.  

Of course this involves some investment by the manufacturers and most test drives don't last more than 10 or 12 miles unless you need to take it home to see if it fits in the garage but it appears DigiPath is willing to make that investment and allow clients to see for the themselves if their device fits their clients needs.

PathGuarantee is available for free to clients who place orders by February 15, 2012.

“DigiPath is committed to our client’s total satisfaction,” stated Eric Stoppenhagen, President of DigiPath, “We created PathGuarantee to eliminate financial risks associated with adopting digital pathology with DigiPath’s PathScope, the $25,000 slide scanning solution.”

PathGuarantee applies during the DigiPath 14 day acceptance period. During this time, clients will evaluate PathScope’s the image quality, scan time, and rescan rate. If the client is satisfied with the DigiPath solution, the client will pay the remaining balance on associated purchase order. If the client is not satisfied, the DigiPath solution will be returned, and all deposit funds will be returned. PathGuarantee™ is available for free to clients who place orders by February 15, 2012.

Other terms and conditions may apply. Please see http://digipath.biz/solutions.html for further details.

About DigiPath, Inc. 
DigiPath, Inc. provides the next generation of affordable, innovative, and reliable digital pathology solutions. The DigiPath team brings over 60 years combined expertise in pioneering digital pathology, implementing over 750 installations at community pathology practices, hospitals, academic medical centers, reference laboratories, biopharma organizations, and life science research institutions worldwide. DigiPath products are for research use only.

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