Introducing ViewsIQ to Digital Pathology

| January 18, 2012
Many are predicting 2012 will be a tipping point for the digital pathology market.  With that prediction, comes the latest slide scanner company to enter the space.  Introducing ViewsIQ out of Vancover offering an interactive slide scanning system that integrates with rather than replaces the microscope.  Check out their YouTube videos and images on their website.  Their website also mentions they will be exhibiting at USCAP 2012 at booth #814. Look forward to seeing their technology in action. 

Canadian-based slide imaging technology company, ViewsIQ, announces their entrance to the digital pathology market. Their flagship product, Panoptiq, is designed to bring real-time slide digitization and affordable telepathology to the world of virtual microscopy.
ViewsIQ develops innovative microscopy imaging systems for hospitals, research institutions and laboratories. Panoptiq allows real-time communication between microscopists and pathologists anywhere in the world. With Panoptiq, the user can interactively create a digital scan of their slide with a microscope then easily share the digital scan for consultation purposes.
Herman Lo, CEO of ViewsIQ, said, “Our mission is to create an easy-to-use and low-cost slide scanning solution that integrate intricately with the typical workflow of a microscope user. We are excited to introduce Panoptiq, the world’s first interactive slide scanning system.”
"The image acquisition and slide-scanning speed is in real-time, making the experience truly interactive” said Jason Fung, VP Sales & Marketing of ViewsIQ. “As a software-based solution, Panoptiq eliminates the need for expensive hardware in conventional slide scanning systems. Our clients feel that Panoptiq is the most natural and affordable way to scan slides with microscope.”

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ViewsIQ is a Canadian healthcare technology company that develops microscopy imaging solutions for research and clinical laboratories. Its recent innovation called Panoptiq™ is set to create a revolution in pathology practice. This tool enables pathologists to view their slides digitally in real-time with no delay to their workflow.

The company has a very well experienced management and technical team consisting of engineers and MBAs as well as a strong advisory board consisting of industry experts and university professors. Concerted efforts of these teams will ensure long-term aggressive growth of the company.

The target customers for this product are all the hospitals and diagnostic centers around the world. The company plans to grow rapidly in North America in the next few years and then leverage this scale to further expand to other continents.




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