Corista inks deal with MGH and Partners Healthcare

| February 23, 2012

Corista to provide platform for Massachusetts General Hospital's Pathology Network

The Massachusetts General Hospital Pathology Service has chosen Corista's Digital Image Management Platform (DP3) to support its goal of providing clinical review of pathology cases with a digital platform. This new capability will allow MGH clinical experts to extend their reach to remote patients and their physicians for second opinions in real time.

"Recent technological advances have enabled immediate and widespread access to highly specific pathology expertise, speeding up both diagnosis and the start of treatment," said David Wilbur, MD, Director , Clinical Imaging -Pathology Services at MGH and Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. "The key is having an image-centric platform that provides access together with the tools needed to respond and interact with multiple systems in the community."



Corista’s CEO, Elizabth Wingard said , "We’re pleased to be working with MGH and Partners Healthcare to extend the reach of the hospital’s expertise in pathology to physicians and patients in communities near and far. The Corista platform provides an intuitive case management dashboard that manages workflow and patient cases with digital images, and which can be integrated with existing hospital information systems," Wingard said. "In accessing specialists online and getting an immediate response, remote patients and hospitals can improve patient care with expertise that would have been delayed by days using couriers and FedEx. Eliminating the delay improves the patient’s care by enabling providers to initiate the appropriate treatment plan immediately."


Corista provides Pathologists with a single point of access to read and manipulate patient images with an extensive toolset for analysis, collaboration, diagnosis and report generation. With Corista's platform, MGH will be able to improve the process and quality of pathology medicine while extending real time clinical support for remote patients. 

About Corista

Since 2005, Corista has been developing its image-based processing software and proprietary browser-based software platform.  The patent-pending platform, DP3, provides a comprehensive solution for pathology practices that includes: a universal viewer that reads images from any whole slide imaging platform; secure local and remote image viewing and navigation, image management, on-demand colleague consultation, annotation, measurement  diagnoses; notifications to physicians of new cases or consults to be reviewed, and a centralized Physician Dashboard integrating in-house and remote patient cases into a single view for physicians. DP3 can integrate with existing hospital information systems, is hardware agnostic and supports a complete range of physician devices including high resolution monitors, tablets and touchscreens. 



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