Visiopharm Introduces APPsolute Digital Pathology

| February 24, 2012

Cloud computing and models using software as a service are increasingly being used on a "per use" or "per case" basis as similar stories related to cloud computing on this blog have appeared. 

It is getting increasingly harder to talk about software with folks without being asked "Is there an app for that?"  The reasons for this are many – lower cost, ease of use, minimal development needed and ready "out of the box" as well as potentially increased portability on small screen mobile devices, tablets and pads.

Now comes word from Visiopharm their entrance into this space with some patent pending technology to facilitate image analysis with free trial, low cost and lowered upfront costs to implement software locally and maintain.


For the clinical market, "per-click" models have been attempted on the hardware side in the past.  These models may create a

disincentive to use versus a larger initial investment as folks get charged per case, per slide or per view.  For software such as image analysis, however, this model makes a lot of sense.  Use what you need when you need it that is proven and reliable from a library of tried and true algorithms.  

If you need to customize, you can create on demand with lower cost, risk and demonstration of performance as you need it.

Dr. Grunkin's quote below pretty much sums this up by lowering many barriers to entry.

For more information on this new offering leverage hosted computing and per analysis offering, check out Visiopharm's webinar mentioned at the end of the below press release and their booth at the upcoming USCAP meeting.

APPsolute Digital Pathology offers a novel approach to Quantitative Digital Pathology. Powered by CloudAnalysis and the APPCenter; currently featuring over 25 ready-to-use Analysis Protocol Packages (APPs).

APPsolute Digital Pathology is a novel approach to Quantitative Digital Pathology (QDP); costs are reduced, the learning curve is minimized, and the common risks of adoption are eliminated. The Visiopharm APPCenter provides access to a library of solutions that are ready-to-run and can be used with minimum training. Analysis Protocol Packages (APPs) can be tested free of charge before investing, productivity is achieved immediately, the upfront costs are low, and solutions can be scaled to fit customer needs.

A Pay-As-You-Go Solution: Low upfront costs

CloudAnalysis and APPs provide a low cost, easy to budget solution for customers who need access to sophisticated image analysis capabilities for a specific amount of time. Whether it is a week, a month, or longer you only pay for analysis when you need it.

Michael Grunkin, PhD, President of Visiopharm, stated "Currently, the cost structure of commercially available deployed Quantitative Digital Pathology solutions prevents the majority of researchers from benefitting from this increasingly important technology. This has to change. With our CloudAnalysis the upfront investment can be reduced to a fraction of any existing deployed solution. With CloudAnalysis there is always access to the most recent software version, studies can be run from anywhere, and technical deployment issues are eliminated."

The patent pending APPCenter provides customers with easy access to an extensive library of ready-to-run APPs. Each APP includes detailed descriptions, references to scientific literature, illustrated examples, webinars, and more. There is no need to become an expert in image analysis; APPs are created and validated in collaboration between experts in the field and Visiopharm’s application scientists and programmers.

Customers try an APP free of charge, before investing, to make sure that 1) the APP is working according to specifications, 2) the APP provides useful results, and 3) the APP can be understood and operated.

APPs are purchased for a low fixed cost, are yours to keep, and will work with both Visiopharm’s DeployedAnalysis and CloudAnalysis solutions. Custom APPs can be developed upon request, at a fixed known cost, and are also risk free with a complimentary trial.

"In a research project involving 300 patients, we worked with Visiopharm’s Image Analysis APPs developed for five different biomarkers. We could work seamlessly on the cloud, we were productive within an hour or two of training, and were able to complete and review the analysis of 5 x 300 tissue specimens in less than a week. The results we achieved were at least as good as manual scoring, and in several cases significantly better. The speed, convenience, and cost structure offered by CloudAnalysis and Image APPs makes Quantitative Digital Pathology an efficient, affordable, and attractive research tool", says Dr. Lars D. Andersen, Associate Professor, Group Leader, Center for Molecular Clinical Cancer Research, Department of Molecular Medicine (MOMA).

Built on leading technology

CloudAnalysis provides instant access from work, home, or from anywhere to the complete suite of Visiopharm software solutions; including advanced image analysis and stereology. Simply log in to your secure account and start to analyze your slides locally or in the cloud.

CloudAnalysis is built upon proven Whole Slide image analysis technology. Johan Doré, CTO at Visiopharm says, "Our solutions have been stress-tested over the last 10 years in the most demanding environments when it comes to capabilities, automation, and throughput. The feedback we consistently get from the world’s most experienced and sophisticated Digital Pathology users is, that we provide solutions with a lower learning curve, lower cost of ownership, by far the lowest computational costs, while providing high quality results."

Visit Visiopharm’s new website at to learn more about APPsolute Digital Pathology and [register] for an introductory webinar on March 14, 2012 at 11 AM EST titled “Squaring the Circle of Quantitative Digital Pathology: instant implementation, while increasing productivity and achieving a return on investment."  In this webinar Visiopharm will demonstrate this new generation of software for Quantitative Digital Pathology with a flexible, affordable method of delivery in the Cloud.

About Visiopharm

Over the past 10 years, Visiopharm image analysis and stereology software has become the preferred Quantitative Digital Pathology solution for leading biopharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers, and academic researchers all over the world. Visiopharm has more than 300 deployed systems worldwide and a large network of distribution and support partners, and is featured in over 400 scientific publications.

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