Brain of a Pathologist

| March 8, 2012

Courtesy of The 1x Objective.  Word cloud of pathologist brain/pathology reports.

For the past several months have reviewed 100s if not thousands of pathology reports for various purposes, research, education, clinical, LIS configuration, etc… Have to agree with Karl on this.  Outside of "carcinoma" (this likely includes terms such as "negative for carcinoma", cell(s), tumor, words such as "may", "typically" and "case often" are commonly used terms on the very product we produce – a report. 

These vagaries are often very commonly seen and used without reproach and may be seen in many cases in textbooks of cytology, such as statements that begin with "The cells may show features of overall cellular enlargement or be of relatively normal size or mildly enlarged; nuclei may show hyperchromasia or appear normal; nucleoli may or may not be seen".  

Good thing pathology and its accompanying reports are so clear, transparent, direct, easy to quantify and without qualifiers or adverbs…


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