ViewsIQ at USCAP Booth #814

| March 15, 2012




ViewsIQ at USCAP Booth #814

Come see your slides in a whole new way 




ViewsIQ has invented PanoptiqTM, an interactive digital slide imaging tool built exactly for YOU, the pathologist. Designed and trialed by top pathologists at Canada's premier healthcare institutions, PanoptiqTM empowers you to create panoramic images of your slides "on the fly" right under your own microscope. This allows you to see and communicate diagnostic information of the slide in a whole new way.

What is it?

The PanoptiqTM system begins with your microscope, manually driven by you. By adding a camera and computer with our PanoptiqTM software to your microscope, you have created a whole new way to view and share your slides. The PanoptiqTM system allows you to create panoramic images of the slide in real-time at extremely high resolution with any objective, even a 100x oil objective.

Where can you see that? ViewsIQ welcomes you to USCAP at booth #814 in Vancouver.

What will you experience?

Interactively capture panoramic images of pathology slides using 4x to 100x objectives. 

Product Information

Observe and build a panoramic image on the fly 

Build a larger field of view of the tissue sample under microscopic observation by merely navigating the slide with a manual stage. Normally, the tissue sample is observed through a small field of view under the microscope. In contrast, PanoptiqTM captures the fields of view as you observe the tissue sample and automatically stitches them "on the fly" into one panoramic image. At any time, you can navigate and save the panoramic image on the computer through our user-friendly interface. With desktop sharing software, You can even share the live view of the panoramic image for live consultations, tumor boards, and education.

Refocus the Image

Detect an out-of-focus portion in the panoramic image? Just return to that portion of the slide and readjust the focus with your microscope – the software automatically detects a better focus and replaces the out-of-focus portion with the refocused view. The PanoptiqTM system preserves the best focus achieved on the panoramic image, even if the slide is observed again at a sub-optimal focus.

Simple Setup

The PanoptiqTM system includes a high performance computer, high resolution CCD Camera, and the PanoptiqTM software. System setup is simple. The system can be installed and ready to go within 15 minutes. Extended warranty and support packages are available. Please come to our booth for more information. Representatives from our distributors, Innovative Imaging Concepts and Quorum Technologies, will also be there to help meet your needs.


Company information:

ViewsIQ #115-887 Great Northern Way

Vancouver, BC V5T 4T5

Phone (toll-free): 1-855-VIQ-SCAN (1-855-847-7226) Fax: 416-907-1670



USA Distributor:

Innovative Imaging Concepts

340 Main Street Oxford, MA 01540

Phone: 508-581-0251 Fax: 508-987-7310



Canada Distributor:

Quorum Technologies

4673 Wellington Road #35 RR# 6

Guelph, Ontario N1H 6J3

Tel: 519-824-0854 Fax: 519-824-5845



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