Apollo To Interface ViewsIQ’s Panoptiq™ With Apollo EPMM®

| March 19, 2012

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Falls Church, VA – March 19, 2012 – Apollo, the leading provider of collaborative clinical multimedia management solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with ViewsIQ to interface Panoptiq™, an innovative slide imaging technology, with Apollo’s Enterprise Patient Media Manager (Apollo EPMM®). 


Apollo EPMM brings together all clinical media related to an individual patient from throughout the medical enterprise and makes it immediately and easily available to authorized personnel.  This gives healthcare professionals the ability to securely collaborate while using their own best practices. The result is a more integrated clinical team, a dramatic increase in workflow efficiency and effectiveness, and improved patient outcomes at a lower cost.

For laboratory applications, Apollo's solution automatically collects media such as digital slides, gross images, cytology and other imaging modalities from the original source.  Cross-referenced with pictures, videos and other media from multiple specialties throughout the enterprise, pathologists and clinicians get a complete picture of the patient on demand, in a secure, compliant form that enables real-time consults.

ViewsIQ Panoptiq enables pathologists to create panoramic images of their slides in real-time at extremely high resolution with their own microscopes. Trialed by top pathologists at premier healthcare institutions in Canada, Panoptiq integrates seamlessly with the workflow of the pathologist. With Panoptiq, pathologists can see and communicate the microscopic view of the slide more effectively and conveniently.

 “The interfacing of Panoptiq with Apollo EPMM will dramatically enhance the clinical image integration and management capabilities for pathologists and laboratory users,” said Mark Newburger, Apollo CEO, “as well as enabling healthcare providers across the enterprise to access these images immediately.”

“The ability for healthcare providers to access Panoptiq images securely from any location adds significant value to patient care.” said Herman Lo, CEO of ViewsIQ. “With the inclusion of Panoptiq in the total Apollo EPMM solution, we can now offer a robust and comprehensive management, access and storage solution for Panoptiq slide images.” 

About Apollo

Apollo EPMM is an enterprise-wide solution that enables all authorized providers in the healthcare chain to collaborate for the benefit of the patient.  Apollo's EPMM uses the providers’ own best practices by incorporating systems already in place and adds the ability to consult in real-time with the entire clinical team in a cost- effective, flexible, compliant and secure environment.   While others promise easy, secure, specialty-specific access throughout the enterprise, Apollo delivers it today at marquis institutions throughout the United States and Canada.  For more information visit www.apollopacs.com and follow us on Twitter. Visit Apollo at USCAP Booth #317.

About ViewsIQ

 ViewsIQ is a Canadian healthcare technology company that develops microscopy imaging solutions for academic institutions and clinical laboratories. Its recent innovation called Panoptiq enables pathologists to create and view panoramic images of their slides in real-time with no delay to their workflow. Healthcare and academic institutions in North America are adopting Panoptiq at a growing pace. For more information please visit our website at www.viewsiq.ca, and follow us on Twitter and YouTube.  Visit ViewsIQ at USCAP Booth #814.

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