Aperio Announces Strategic Collaboration with Dell to Create Cloud-Based Services for Pathology

| March 20, 2012

More news from USCAP week — Aperio partners with Dell to create secure cloud for an electronic pathology network.  Aperio, in addition to providing slide scanners and associated software products for case management, viewing and image analysis is entering into providing a platform with a trusted server partner to facilitate collective intelligence around the globe. 

One of the keys to adoption remains making the process and processes "as fast as glass".  If this truly does shorten TAT for consults, further strengthening the case for e-Patholology solutions, as Dr. Epstein suggests below, another barrier is overcome. 

Example of a perfect storm for digital pathology – higher speed reliable scanners, reduced costs, faster, more reliable networks and storage through cloud computing and web-based viewing, analysis and reporting are highlighted by this collaboration.

Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive Cloud to Power Aperio ePathology Network™

VISTA, Calif., Mar 19, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Aperio, the leading provider of digital pathology systems, announced a strategic collaboration with Dell to create the world’s first scalable, secure medical cloud network for Pathology.

Through its secure cloud-based Unified Clinical Archive solution, Dell manages nearly 5 billion medical images and studies for healthcare organizations. And now, Dell will host the existing suite of Aperio’s industry-leading solutions for digital pathology. Fortified by Dell’s standards-based technology and storage capabilities, Aperio’s ePathology Network™ solution will provide secure, compliant, worldwide access to pathology consultations via the cloud.

“Our goal is to address the regional and global imbalances of pathology expertise available for patient care by enabling access to pathologists for all types of consultations, regardless of location. With Dell’s cloud-based archiving platform, we can make our ePathology Solutions™ more widely available,” said David Schlotterbeck, CEO of Aperio.

“This state-of-the-art ePathology Network technology from Aperio will revolutionize the practice of secondary consultations,” states Dr. Jonathan Epstein, Director of Surgical Pathology at Johns Hopkins. “We fully expect that the time to return an opinion on these cases will be significantly reduced — from multiple days to as a few as a couple of hours in critical cases. This will have a significant positive impact on patient care.”

Dell and Aperio are also collaborating to develop the world’s leading repository of characterized digital slide images and cases, which will include the Juan Rosai Collection of Surgical Pathology Seminars. This furthers another mission of Aperio to make quality educational and reference materials more readily available to all pathologists around the world. The eSlide Repository™ will be a fulcrum for the healthcare and life sciences industries’ focus on personalized medicine and enhanced precision and predictability.

“Dell is excited to work with Aperio to facilitate the archiving and sharing of whole slide pathology images via the cloud,” said James Coffin, Ph.D., vice president and general manager of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences. “This is a prime example of how on-premise and cloud-based solutions with application-neutral data management capabilities can break down traditional information silos and allow healthcare organizations to securely manage, store and share data to advance patient care.”

About Aperio

For over a decade, Aperio has advanced the technology that enables glass slides to be digitized and securely shared with others. Aperio products are transforming the practice of pathology in hospitals, reference labs and pharmaceutical and research institutions around the world. From the moment glass slides are elevated to eSlides, Aperio ePathology Solutions equip pathologists with the power to evaluate, engage and excel like never before. The NETWORK enables remote, simultaneous, real-time viewing and easy distribution for consults and collaboration. PRECISION tools empower pathologists with advanced analytic capabilities. An interoperable, scalable and secure web-based software platform facilitates integration with existing systems. With Aperio ePathology Solutions, organizations can optimize their pathology operations for transparency, consistency and efficiency to support patient care, personalized medicine and research. For clearance updates, specific product indications, and more information please visit www.aperio.com .

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