Daily Scan highlights of USCAP 2012 & Release of ePathViewer

| March 27, 2012

6a00d834203d1f53ef0168e9249711970c-800wi.jpgOnce again, Ole Eichorn, Aperio's Chief Technology Officer and The Daily Scan blogger put together a nice photo montage with captions and highlights from this years USCAP meeting exhibit floor.  In addition to showcasing Aperio's booth and products, Ole highlights many other companies, their products and how many other vendors are using digital pathology or services that tie into digital pathology.

Aperio also released their ePathViewer for iPad last week.  Was able to get a sneak peak at this from some Aperio folks earlier this month and is a must have for whole slide afficiendos. Reviewed some Juan Rosai collection slides as well as some SecondSlide cases with the app and despite a slow network the image refresh rate (and quality) were excellent (pre getting my iPad3 with HD display).

Below the screen shot below on the App Store you can also see other iPad viewers for viewing other whole slide images from Leica, Motic, Objective Pathology & large medical images with cool names like WholeSlide, iPathology and SlidePath.

Is was not so long ago that digital pathology relied upon being tethered to a desktop PC with enough RAM and bandwidth to view the images.  

No more.  Digital pathology is mobile!

The days of being tethered to your histology laboratory, your microscope and your laboratory information system (thanks to web-based LISs) are over.  


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