CMS Delays Point-of-Service Change Until October

| March 31, 2012

CMS is delaying implementation of Transmittal 2407 containing “revised and clarified” point-of-service (POS) coding instructions from April 1 to Oct. 1, 2012. The delay will be announced in Transmittal 2435, which the agency is planning on posting on its Web site. (The agency’s Web site is apparently experiencing technical difficulties, and the Transmittal is not yet posted. The CAP will post a link to the Transmittal on the Advocacy Web site when it is live.)



As outlined in the March 15 issue of Statline, the CAP extensively engaged with CMS officials, explaining to them that if implemented, the transmittal would result in significant confusion regarding anatomic pathology services, particularly for Medicare carriers processing claims subject to the technical component “grandfather” provision in light of its scheduled July 1st expiration date.
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