Digital Pathology Offerings at University College London (UCL)

| April 19, 2012

University College London (UCL) showcases their digital pathology offerings, examples using Slidepath viewing software over the web from Lecia SCN400F scanner and costs for slide scanning and storing services.  Great images and reasonable prices for high resolution scanning and storage.

From their website:

High Resolution Digital Pathology

Archiving Slides

We can archive precious bright field and fluorescent  research and diagnostic pathology samples at high resolution. Our slide scanner (LEICA SCN400F) digitises entire histological slides. 

We can simply scan your slides and make the files available to you or we can store them on a secure, password-protected server

Comparison of multiple slides

The system is ideal for comparison of slidesfor permanent archiving of entire fluorescent slides simply or for taking snapshots of your slides, in perfect contrast, white balance and in vivid colours. Images can be accessed at any time with any web browser, platform-independent or with an app on your iPad . 

Remote Access

We can give researchers exclusive access to their selection of slides. 

Researchers and Pathologists can get a login to access the slide collection on our server


Price List: High resolution scanning and digital archive

High Resolution Slide scanning

Registration, scanning, storage and export 

Includes 1 months storage

Gigabyte file size £ 1.00
Storage of High Resolution images Storage on File server Gigabyte per month £ 0.20


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