“Cancer Flashlight” May Reduce Need for Biopsies

| May 7, 2012

New technology could reduce or even eliminate the need for clinical pathology laboratories to utilize tissue biopsies in the diagnosis of certain cancers

“Cancer flashlight” is the nickname some have given to a system that uses novel spectroscopic techniques to detect pre-cancerous cells in the colon. Developed by bioengineers at Duke University, the device may offer an alternative to current biopsy methods for detecting cancer and pre-cancer by anatomic pathologists.

Read more: Duke University Researchers Demonstrate that Non-invasive Optical Biopsy Detects Cancer | Dark Daily http://www.darkdaily.com/duke-university-researchers-demonstrate-that-non-invasive-optical-biopsy-detects-cancer-50712#ixzz1uBpDybhf



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