Annoucing MikroScan Qumulus, New Cloud-based Digital Pathology Communications Service for Viewing, Management, Sharing, and Analysis of Whole Slide Images

| May 29, 2012

MikroScan Qumulus service offers the fastest, easiest, and most affordable path to step into the future with cloud-based digital pathology communications.

Vista, CA:  Whole slide imaging (WSI) systems manufacturer, MikroScan Technologies, adds a product to its digital pathology communications toolset. MikroScan Qumulus is a monthly service that provides an easy means for hospitals, researchers, or pathologists to store, manage, view, and instantly share whole slide images from anywhere with an Internet connection. MikroScan offers a free 90-day trial account, which takes only minutes to set up and includes 50 gigabytes of storage space.

The new cloud-based service works hand-in-hand with MikroScan’s desktop whole slide scanner, MikroScan D2, and image acquisition software, Q-Skan. The latter can automatically upload the scanned image to your Qumulus account as it saves, providing near-instant remote access to pathologists anywhere in the world.

“We are ecstatic about Qumulus. Its remote Web access features makes pathology communications a breeze and will save our customers thousands of dollars annually in travel and slide transport costs.” Said Bob Goerlitz, president and founder of MikroScan Technologies, Inc. “With our D2 scanner’s low price point and now our Qumulus cloud service low rates, we have effectively removed all economic barriers to entering digital pathology. And with our new leasing options, even the capital expenditure is no longer a speed bump. If you are a pathologist, now there is no reason not to have a MikroScan on your desk.”

“With its immediate remote sharing capability Qumulus is especially useful for consults, research, tumor boards, and educational applications,” said Victor Casas, chief technical officer and applications specialist.

MikroScan Qumulus is Web-based so pathologists can use a Web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) to access their cases from virtually anywhere. There is no software or hardware investment required, and no need for technical expertise or I.T. personnel to install or maintain.

MikroScan Qumulus is the most affordable service of its kind and costs a fraction of what competing solutions charge. The monthly service includes all cloud software and hardware upgrades as well as automatic backups. There are no storage limits, and no data transfer charges.

MikroScan offers 20-40 minute online product demonstrations of both its scanner and Qumulus viewer. Go to or call (760) 736-2180 to request a demo.

About MikroScan Technologies, Inc.

MikroScan Technologies, Inc. founders have been engaged in the design, sales, and marketing of high quality laboratory instruments for more than 26 years. The company specializes in the development of cutting edge whole-slide imaging (WSI) systems and communication tools designed for pathology, biology and research applications. With game changing technology and pricing, MikroScan products represent a leap in advancement and convenience in the evolution of WSI and digital pathology. MikroScan centers its product development on speed of slide image acquisition, exceptional imaging quality, and unmatched affordability that breaks through traditional barriers to digital pathology. For further information visit:

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