Cloud Software for Microscopy and Image Analysis

| June 4, 2012

Power of  cloud computing and convenience of web applications for biomedical and industrial imaging. 

Upload digital slides from any microscope
Collaborate in real time with Live Markers
Access your work anywhere
Share with a single click
See more information with image overlays
Get results with automated analysis applications

Virtual Microscopy

Simagis Live is designed to support easy upload, publishing, sharing and real-time review of digital microscopy slides on the web. Support for multiple image layers enables multi-dimensional imaging. You can review, annotate, tag and measure images with multiple collaborators on-line at the same time. Sign up for free Virtual Microscopy service, upload your images start sharing your digital slides with authorized users anywhere in the World in minutes.

Cloud-based Image Analysis

Harness the power of the cloud computing to analyze images of any size for any number of users without need to install any desktop software or hardware. All you need is a web browser. Using Simagis Live server you can run complex automated image analysis on composite multi-layered images, create data overlays, and download results from measurement database, all from friendly web interface. Use dozens of available applications or request custom solution for your specific analysis from our Custom App team.

Mobile Microscopy Applications

Simagis Live platform enables emerging field of mobile microscopy.  With portable microscope connected to the web via cell phone of other wireless device, the imaging data can be synchronized with cloud-based Simagis Live applications which will analyze and deliver images for review to experts anywhere in the world (see example of mobile

Global Enterprise Solutions

Simagis Live enables virtualization of microscopy processes across the organization. Our technology makes it easy to integrate your automated imaging equipment and build seamless virtual workflow with users anywhere in the world. Integrate your collaborative research, lab service or quality control process with single image analysis server that can receive, store, analyze and share images across your organization. Choose in-house installation or scale processing power using cloud-computing platform to meet your needs.

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  1. I would like to setup a test for PCOM’s Philadelphia and Georgia campus.
    Please contact me to setup the trial.