Huron Technologies Launches TISSUEscope™ 4000XT for High Throughput Scanning

| June 6, 2012

Waterloo, ON- Huron Technologies announces the launch of the TISSUEscope™ 4000XT with Autoloader Module for high volume and high throughput scanning. The fully-integrated system offers imaging of small and large glass slides for both brightfield and confocal fluorescent imaging modes and is designed to be compatible with all versions of TISSUEscope™ scanners.


The TISSUEscope™ 4000XT is capable of scanning up to 300-1×3” (25x75mm) glass slides as well as other non-traditional slide sizes including: 150-2×3” (50x75mm), 100-3×4” (75x100mm) and 25-large glass slides sizes for 4×5” (100x125mm), 5×7” (125x175mm) and 6×8” (150x200mm).

With its automatic scanning capability, the TISSUEscope™ 4000XT facilitates extended and overnight operations for labs which provide highly-efficient processes allowing staff to complete other tasks simultaneously.  By significantly increasing the number of slides scanned at one time, labs can enjoy substantial time-savings by reducing set-up delays but also extensive cost-savings through a decrease in lab expenses and processing time. 

The TISSUEscope™ 4000XT is easily controlled by the TISSUEscope™ client software where both automatic or manual control modes are available to customers.

With this launch Huron Technologies becomes the first in the industry to offer high-throughput scanning of small and large specimen samples for both brightfield and confocal fluorescence imaging.



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