| June 26, 2012

Vista, CA – June 26, 2012 – Aperio, the leading provider of ePathology solutions, today announced the global availability of Indica Labs tissue and application-specific image analysis tools.

Indica Labs algorithms operate seamlessly with the Aperio PRECISION solution, enabling the user to access the Aperio viewer and analysis-tuning window in the same manner as Aperio image analysis tools. The analytics generated can then be stored, and viewed on the Aperio eSlide Manager and shared anywhere across the Aperio NETWORK. “We are committed to fostering relationships that deliver industry-leading solutions which accelerate innovation and advance collaboration for our customers,” stated David Schlotterbeck, CEO of Aperio.

Indica Labs has a growing list of tools that can be customized according to user requirements. These tools today include: Double Stain IHC, CISH and RNA-ISH quantification, amyloid plaque measurement, muscle fiber analysis, steatosis and adipose quantification, pancreatic islet analysis, microglial activation, axon quantification, and object-based and cell-based Immunofluorescence.

The Aperio PRECISION solution includes a unique patent-protected open architecture that allows software partners to access the largest and fastest growing installed base of ePathology customers. Enabled by the Aperio software development kit, image analysis developers, like Indica Labs, can plug their applications into the powerful Aperio algorithm framework that was designed specifically to address the unique challenge associated with analysis of large eSlide images at any zoom level. 

“This partnership will help bring our extensive image analysis portfolio to the large Aperio user base in a way that hasn’t been done before,” said Steven Hashagen, CEO of Indica Labs. “Users can apply Indica Labs image analysis tools to whole slide images, store analysis data in the Aperio eSlide Manager, and review results without ever leaving the Aperio software environment.  It’s a truly seamless integration that increases usability and eliminates IT hurdles.”

About Aperio

For over a decade, Aperio has advanced the technology that enables glass slides to become eSlides that can be securely shared with others. Aperio products are transforming the practice of pathology in hospitals, reference labs, pharmaceutical and research institutions around the world. Aperio ePathology Solutions equip pathologists with the power to evaluate, engage and excel like never before. The NETWORK enables remote, simultaneous, real-time viewing and easy distribution for consults and collaboration. The PRECISION solution supports tools that empower pathologists with advanced analytic capabilities. An interoperable, scalable and secure web-based software platform facilitates integration with existing systems. With Aperio ePathology Solutions, organizations can optimize their pathology operations for transparency, consistency and efficiency to support patient care, personalized medicine and research. For clearance updates, specific product indications, and more information please visit: http://www.aperio.com/lifescience.


About Indica Labs

Indica Labs is the first company to offer tissue specific and application specific image analysis algorithms in a truly integrated digital pathology environment. Pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research organizations worldwide utilize Indica tools for high-throughput, whole-slide image quantification in areas such as neuroscience, metabolism, oncology, toxicological pathology, and more. For more information, please visit: http://indicalab.com.

Source: Aperio and Indica Labs

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