Definiens Bulletin – July 2012 – Upcoming Webinar

| July 5, 2012

The novel Definiens Image Miner™ 2 is now available to accelerate image-based research and development throughout the life sciences. It dramatically facilitates data exploration and quality control and efficiently supports biomarker validation and correlation of image analysis results with data from external sources. Attend the introductory webinar next Wednesday (July 11, 8am PDT) to learn more!

New Product: Definiens Image Miner 2 Now Available


Definiens Image Miner™ 2 makes the wealth of information in biomedical images accessible, accelerating life sciences research and allowing for successful biomarker development. It provides researchers with the unique ability to easily switch between investigating trends and patterns in large data sets and drawing attention to subtle analysis details in single images. Using the statistic toolbox and the comprehensive visualization options, insights and new knowledge can be generated from images in an unprecedented way.

Examples from biomarker development and high content screening illustrate the benefits of a tight integration between image analysis and data mining.

Biomarker Development: Webinar Series 

Our next  webinar series will forcus on image and data analysis for biomarker development. It will start this Wednesday (July 11, 8am PDT) with an introduction of the novel Definiens Image Miner™ 2. Register today!


Integrating Data Mining with Image Analysis: Definiens Image Miner 2
(Arno Schäpe, July 11, 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CEST)

Sucessful 3rd International Definiens Symposium   

Definiens thanks all participants of the 3rd International Definiens Symposium for inspiring presentations, fruitful discussions and a stimulating atmosphere. We enjoyed meeting you and exchanging ideas during plenary sessions, workshops, coffee breaks and the evening events. Watch the recordings of plenary lectures on our new Definiens TV channel and browse through the photo gallery for impressions of the event.

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