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| July 9, 2012

The Association of Pathology Informatics (API) sponsors an annual travel award to pathology trainees on a competitive basis which provides funding for the recipients to attend the annual Pathology Informatics meeting (http://www.pathinformatics.pitt.edu/).

This year, API has received 38 applications for the award.  Last year, there were 16…an over 200% increase.  This is VERY exciting news.  Unfortunately, the API currently has funding for only 20 applicants despite efforts to attain additional funding from other resources.

Therefore, API has started the API Five ($5) Drive.  If you can spare $5, consider giving it to the API Travel Award Fund.  The API is a non-profit charitable organization as approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) entity.  All donations to the travel award fund are tax-deductible.

Donating is fast, easy and convenient via the API website at http://www.pathologyinformatics.org/content/api-travel-award-fund (click “To Make a Donation” at the bottom of the page).

Here are some more reasons to donate:
·                     Pathology informaticists are critically important to the long-term success of information technology deployment in the laboratory.
·                     There are currently too few pathology informaticists.  Award recipients gain additional (or sometimes their only) exposure to pathology informatics.
·                     A significant percentage of previous award recipients have become full-time pathology informaticists.
·                     Donors will be recognized on the API website, and donors who attend the upcoming Pathology Informatics 2012 meeting will be recognized at the meeting itself.
More information about the travel award can be found at http://www.pathinformatics.pitt.edu/content/travel-awards.

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