Phase Focus raises £3.2 million for new imaging and microscopy technology

| July 10, 2012

Sheffield, United Kingdom – Phase Focus Limited has announced that it has raised £3 million from the Ombu Group and £220k from Fusion IP plc in an equity based funding round to accelerate revenue generation of its revolutionaryimaging and microscopy technology – the Phase Focus Virtual Lens.

The Phase Focus Virtual Lens aims to eliminate the limitations and imperfections of conventional lenses, and reveals with high fidelity and accuracy an additional dimension of information about the specimen that is otherwise usually hidden. The Virtual Lens technology transfers the task of image-creation from a lens to a sophisticated computer program. It can be integrated inside existing microscopes, and can also be used as the basis for next-generation microscopy products. Currently being used for the analysis of specimens that are conventionally difficult to measure, such as transparent soft contact lenses and unstained living cells, the Virtual Lens is expected to revolutionize the viewing of atomic-scale features.

This new investment will allow Phase Focus to accelerate the commercialization of its technology across its existing application areas as well as invest in R&D to develop new tools and applications.

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