Review of MyDermPath – First Comprehensive Mobile Dermatopathology Resource

| July 11, 2012

Mydermpath ipad screen1MyDermPath is the first comprehensive resource for dermatopathology with clinical correlation built specially for mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad co-authored by Drs. Singh, Elston and Ferringer. The entire subject matter has been presented in a novel algorithmic format prompting the user to answer multiple questions and thus come to a final diagnosis. The final diagnosis page gives a short but complete histological and clinical description of each entity along with a histological and clinical image. A link to PubMed at the bottom of the page will take the user directly to Pubmed with a list of all references on that topic. Of the approximately 1100 entities described most also have a link to a virtual slide stored on the cloud. The user also has the ability to take is own notes on each topic by clicking on myNotes and storing them on the mobile device, thus making the app as a constantly updating tool. The app also has algorithms for immunohistochemistry, special stains and immunofluorescence.

In the immunohistochemistry section each immunostain has a brief description of where it is most useful, along with an illustration of the stain. This section also has an algorithm that suggests immunomarkers through a multitude of real-life diagnostic dilemmas. There are algorithms that address commonly asked questions such as which immunostains to use in spindle cell neoplasms, epithelioid neoplasms or round cell neoplasms.

The immunofluorescence section provides a list of the various diagnoses in which immunofluorescence has value. Each entity is discussed in detail, including histological and immunofluorescence findings and supplemented with an immunofluorescence image.  In addition, there is an algorithm of the different patterns of immunofluorescence, allowing you to arrive at a diagnosis based on the answer to patterns visualized.

Mydermpath ipad screen8 QuizThe Special stain page contains a list of the common special stains typically used in dermatopathology. Once you know what you are looking for, the app can help in deciding what stains to use and also show an image as to how the stain will look.

If the user wants to go directly to a diagnosis and not use the algorithm, the Search by Diagnosis button will enlist all the entities in the app like the index of a book. A quick click will take the user directly to the diagnosis.

For the beginner a glossary of terms provides a list of all the common terms used in dermatopathology with a concise description and image. An animated video also walks the user through the normal histology of the skin along with descriptions of the desmosomes and basement membrane structure.

Finally, a Pop Quiz randomly selected images from the data base of more than 2000 static images and presents them in a multiple choice format.                                                        Download from iTunes

This app is the first of its kind not only in dermatopathology, but also in Pathology. Future versions will have a host of additional features making it a great resource to have in your pockets and literally on your fingertips. It will be useful for all dermatologists and pathologists, especially who see skin cases in their practice. Besides plastic surgeons, podiatrists, family practitioners who see dermatology patients can also benefit from the information provided in the app. For the medical student it is a good tool to get a good overview of dermatology and learn how to approach patients with clinicopathological correlation.

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