Apps & Smartphones in Medical Education

| September 17, 2012

Medical students across the country are coming into a day and age where technology rules, and in a society where iPads and Android phones are voted king, it is no small wonder that professors at the most highly coveted medical schools in the country are moving forward with technology and bringing it right to their students. 

This is a rare occurrence, even now in 2012 as we see teachers throttle or even prohibit the use of these devices in class.  What they don't realize is that these small computers can be exactly the learning tools that they need to create the next generation of clinicians. 

Face the facts; with 69% of students who own a cell phone benefitting from smartphone ownership, there is a land of opportunity just waiting to be plucked out of the sky. Some of the most well known medical schools in the country use this superior technology to extend the curriculum to their students.  Once they graduate they will join the ranks of nearly 80% of physicians using smartphones in their medical practice

There are at least 12 medical schools across the country (and growing) that support a mobile-based curriculum with medical mobile apps, and they include:

Dr. Mike Pascoe (a reviewer for the Medical App Journal) shows how he uses the iPad and an Apple TV to teach anatomy with medical mobile apps at the University of Colorado School of Medicine…….

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