SecondSlide is now eSlideShare

| September 20, 2012


Aperio is pleased to announce that SecondSlide™ is being renamed to eSlideShare™ and will be moved to an upgraded Dell® information technology infrastructure. Providing access to eSlideShare through our relationship with Dell ensures increased security and performance when accessing eSlides and pathology records via the cloud anytime, anywhere.

As of October 19, 2012, all eSlides that have been accessed during the last six months on the eSlideShare (formerly SecondSlide) service will be transitioned to the new Dell infrastructure at no charge. All other data that have not been retrieved in the past 6 months will be archived for a period of six months. If you have questions or special requests regarding your data, please contact Dan Walker, web services manager, at or 760-539-1146

The URL will continue to provide access to eSlideShare. A new domain has been established to provide access, and we encourage you to adopt the new domain for accessing the service. Your current username and password will continue to provide access to your eSlide information, and the proven functionality of the service will remain unchanged. We hope to make this transition seamless for you as we improve eSlide sharing of pathology information.

eSlideShare will continue as a free service for existing SecondSlide customers for a period of one year. On October 19, 2013, eSlideShare will be transitioned to an optional, value-add service that can be licensed. We will contact you again in about 6 months to provide information on how you can continue with this service. 

What does the eSlideShare service migration to Dell mean to you?

bullet Your current SecondSlide login and password will continue to provide access to the eSlideShare Dell-hosted service
bullet The proven features and capabilities of SecondSlide will remain under the new eSlideShare brand
bullet All data from SecondSlide accessed on or after March 30, 2012 will be automatically migrated to the Dell-hosted eSlideShare service
bullet SecondSlide data not accessed since March 30, 2012 will not be moved to the Dell-hosted eSlideShare service; these data will no longer be accessible after October 19, 2012
bullet Users who would like to transfer data that have not been active in the last 6 months should contact Dan Walker at to make a request

For longer-term storage or advanced functionality, Aperio offers a flexible web-based eSlide hosting service powered by our eSlide Manager secure information management system. For more information please contact the Aperio Inside Sales team at or 760-539-1100.


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