2012 Northwestern Scientific Images Contest Winners

| October 9, 2012

Scientific research often produces beautiful images. These pieces, judged by a panel of local artists, scientists and community leaders, are representative of real Northwestern research across a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, chemistry, engineering, nanotechnology and Earth science.

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Check out the 2011 winners here.

First Place - Andrew Koltonow First Place – Andrew Koltonow


Second Place - Baudilio Tejerina Second Place – Baudilio Tejerina

Third Place - Mark McClendon Third Place – Mark McClendon
Third Place - Oscar Curet Third Place – Oscar Curet
Fifth Place - Jiayan Luo Fifth Place – Jiayan Luo
Honorable Mention - Justin Cassidy Honorable Mention – Justin Cassidy
Honorable Mention - Jingran Ji Honorable Mention – Jingran Ji
Honorable Mention - Mark Huntington Honorable Mention – Mark Huntington
Honorable Mention - Matthew Bury Honorable Mention – Matthew Bury
Honorable Mention - Cindy Danielson Honorable Mention – Cindy Danielson
Honorable Mention - Tejas Shastry Honorable Mention – Tejas Shastry
Honorable Mention - Dmitriy Dikin Honorable Mention – Dmitriy Dikin

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