Digital Pathology Debate Continues: Hope or Hype?

| October 17, 2012

Courtesy of Dark Daily:

During Pathology Informatics 2012, a record crowd gathered last week to explore how new technologies are reshaping both clinical laboratory informatics and anatomic pathology informatics. If there was clear consensus on any single point, it was that every medical laboratory needs a very robust informatics platform to serve the new integrated care models, including accountable care organizations and medical homes.

This will be particularly true for pathology groups because of the growing acceptance of whole slide images and digital pathology systems used to capture those images and make them available to pathologists. On that count, one speaker at Pathology Informatics 2012 had a powerful message that was well received by all in attendance.

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For an interesting counterpoint blurb on thoughts from Dr. Paul Chang, a recognized academic radiologist and informatician from a recognized academic surgical pathologist, check out Dr. Mills Pathology Network blog.  The Pⁿ Blog is a forum for opinions, questions, controversies, and instructive discussions across the field of pathology and its relevant subspecialties.

More on this to follow…

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