A New Vision for Telepathology

| October 29, 2012
A New Vision for Telepathology


Pathology Visions 2012 is here and the Remote Meeting Technologies  (RMT) team is prepared. This year, we’re bringing you something different.  

You see, for years we’ve heard, “Your real-time 1080p HD telepathology solution (iMedHD Pro™) is like the Mercedes-Benz of telepathology technology.” And while we’re truly honored by that compliment, we’ve also come to realize that not everyone wants—or needs—a Mercedes. 

So, in order to better understand how we can offer the most value to the pathology industry, we went straight to the source. We talked with our customers, prospective customers, and even to pathologists who are using a competitor’s telepathology product. We listened and really took to heart the feedback they gave us. 

Here are some of the things we learned: 

• Timing is critical. Pathologists need to be able to review slides fast—ideally immediately.

• Quality is king. While timing is critical, the quality of the images must be outstanding—even clearer than if the pathologist was standing in front of the specimen or looking into the microscope with their own eyes.

• Cost is key. Real-time, high-definition telepathology solutions must be able to meet even the tightest budgets.

In addition, the pathologists and surgeons we spoke with were also concerned with having a telepathology solution that is:

• Safe and secure. Pathologists must be able to collaborate over the Internet with one or more parties in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.

• Efficient. Telepathology technology needs to be able to capture & store high definition digital photos so pathologists can access them for teaching, training, and documentation.

• Upgradable and Scalable. Your investment is protected. The solution can grow in functionality to meet your needs.

• Easy to use. Something as simple as opening up a web browser.

• Flexible. Technology that can integrate with hospital’s existing IT ecosystem and have features that can be added on when needed, such as live video with Voice over IP and webcam.

• Compact. Space is limited in labs, the OR, and on a wireless cart. A small device—even one that can fit into the palm of your hand—is ideal.

Equipped with this feedback, the RMT team gathered together and we asked ourselves, “What can we do to meet, and even exceed, these requirements?

After much consideration, we came up with the answer.

At this year’s Pathology Visions, we are excited to introduce you to our new family of telepathology solutions for both microscope and grossing:



iMedHD Scope Lite™

iMedHD Scope Standard™

iMedHD Scope Pro™




iMedHD Gross720

iMedHD Gross1080



We are confident that our new family of telepathology solutions will conveniently and cost-effectively accommodate even the most diverse pathology needs and applications.

If you’re planning to attend Pathology Visions 2012, come say “Hello!”—or even schedule a demo. We’re at exhibit booth #2.

Discover for yourself if our confidence and enthusiasm is deserved. If not, we want to hear your feedback … because we’ll keep trying until it is.

For a free custom Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for your department utilizing RMT iMedHD Scope and/or Gross solutions please click HERE and let us know.

Don Marchon is the CEO and Founder of Remote Meeting Technologies, a Melville, NY-based company that specializes in providing real-time, Internet-based HD telemedicine solutions.





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