Exploring The Value of Digital Pathology

| November 2, 2012

Courtesy of Simagis Live:

In the light of the Pathology Visions conference we have done some soul searching and collected thoughts on the value of digital pathology for pathology lab – the value, that pathology labs still have to find and realize. Moving from a glass slide to digital is disruptive process for a pathology lab – or it has to be in order to make a difference.

To make a real difference the application of digital pathology has to go beyond teaching or sharing an occasional slide with colleagues for research – it has to be about economics and productivity for a commercial pathology lab. In order to overcome adoption barriers, any disruptive technology has to deliver two promises: it has to be better in terms of user experience and it has to make business process more productive to justify the cost of adoption.

This interactive presentation reflects the analysis.

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