DAB Analysis App for Image-Pro Premier Software

| November 9, 2012

Streamlines Pathology and IHC Research

Media Cybernetics announces the release of a new DAB Analysis App for Image-Pro Premier image analysis software.  The DAB Analysis App allows pathologists and immunohistochemistry (IHC) researchers to automatically identify and analyze DAB-labeled tissue in digital images.  This new App is designed to save hours of research time, as users will no longer need to manually identify labeled tissue.  The automated and repeatable nature of the App also ensures that results are consistent across multiple images and tissue samples.

With one button click, researchers can identify DAB-labeled tissue, measure the integrated optical density of the stained area, output an annotated image and export their analysis data to Excel. A process which previously required multiple steps is now streamlined into the press of a button.

The DAB Analysis App is available at no charge for Image-Pro Premier users.  It can be easily downloaded and installed from Media Cybernetics’ Solutions Zone app resource site.  Researchers can request a free 14-day trial of Image-Pro Premier to review and test this App with their images.  

Watch the DAB Analysis App Tutorial on YouTube


Automatically identify and analyze DAB-labeled tissue


Automatic Batch Processing
When you select a folder of images to analyze, you automatically implement powerful batch processing functionality.


Automatic Annotations for Easy Sharing and Publication
The DAB App generates a new image with DAB tissue identified. It also includes an annotation documenting the Integrated Optical Density and the Mean Density of the DAB stained tissue. Integrated Optical Density (IOD) reports the average intensity/density of each DAB-stained region. This value will be expressed in terms of the current intensity/density mode and calibration. IOD = area x average density.
DAB_App_ROI_before  DAB_App_ROI_before

Analyze the Entire Image or Specific Regions of Interest
Identify and analyze the DAB stained tissue in your entire image, or you can choose to manually draw a specific region of interest to analyze. 


Automatically Export Data to Microsoft Excel
You have the option to automatically export your analysis data to Microsoft Excel. The integrated optical density, user defined area, and mean density will be documented for each analyzed image.

Learn more about the DAB Analysis App at:

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  1. Sumeer says:

    Hi i am sumeer from India. For my research work i am in need of software which can measure the optical density of the retinal images… Do you have a software related to this?