Agfa, TRIBVN team up to integrate digital pathology and radiology images

| November 16, 2012

Have heard from a few sources the scanning platform for this is Hamamatsu but the TRIBVN also shows images of Aperio and 3DHISTECH with mention to those platforms as well.  

Either way, discussion about pathology PACS, seamless integration with clinical and radiology is cool.

Departments of Diagnostic Medicine or siloed departments with shared information?

Either way — true information exchange and integration.  Information is knowledge and pathology images get to be part of the instititutional information repository.

AgfaMORTSEL, BELGIUM, 14 November 2012 – Agfa HealthCare announces today it signed a collaboration agreement with TRIBVN for the global distribution of a first-of-its-kind solution integrating digital pathology and radiology images. This strategic agreement brings together two leaders in their respective fields to offer a high-quality solution that will facilitate the exchange of information between clinicians, radiologists and pathologists, resulting in improved communications and a more streamlined workflow.

Integrating image management for enhanced collaboration

The solution can be integrated with any existing Laboratory Information System (LIS). It includes a high-throughput, whole slide scanning device. Dedicated workstations allow pathologists to view digital pathology images and to use specific analysis tools. The pathologists can select specific regions of interest (ROI) to be automatically integrated into the radiology department's Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

Integrating the digital pathology images and radiology images into the same image management system will enhance cross-department collaboration and thus the delivery of patient care. It will facilitate multidisciplinary team discussions such as tumor boards, education in university teaching hospitals, research collaboration, peer review, etc. This first-of-its-kind integration of digital pathology and radiology images offers state-of-the-art workflow optimization for image management.

A comprehensive and efficient solution for pathology imaging

Tribvnmedical_256Jacques Klossa, CEO of TRIBVN, explains, "As pathology becomes increasingly essential for personalized medicine, it is important for TRIBVN software, and thus the pathology images, to be seamlessly integrated with the Hospital Information System (HIS). In that field, Agfa HealthCare is a natural fit for TRIBVN, as it provides outstanding healthcare solutions. We are very excited to work with Agfa HealthCare to implement a comprehensive and efficient solution for pathology imaging. We expect this alliance to foster the implementation of the solution by a wide customer base."

Network of unique expertise fosters innovative solutions

"Digital pathology requires technology innovation and strong clinical expertise," comments Csaba Huszka, M.D., Digital Pathology Solution Manager for Agfa HealthCare. "This strategic distribution agreement will allow TRIBVN and Agfa HealthCare – two leading companies in their respective fields – to share expertise and collaborate, in order to design and develop state-of-the-art solutions for pathology and radiology departments."

Erik Gielen, Business Manager EMEA for Agfa HealthCare, agrees: "Through this strategic alliance, we will extend our current PACS and IT capability in radiology with TRIBVN's long clinical and technological experience in pathology. We are creating a network of unique expertise for fostering innovative solutions"

Source: medicalphysicsweb

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