Understanding Clinical Laboratory Outreach Marketing

| December 17, 2012

An outreach program can benefit clinical laboratories in multiple ways, from strengthening relationships with physicians to engaging patient communities and contributing to the bottom line. It can bring economic value by developing a rapport with the patient and physician community.

Why clinical laboratory outreach marketing? 

Laboratory Outreach Marketing

Outreach programs began because of the government’s verdict on bundled reimbursements made in 1984. These programs were aimed at cost cutting and keepin g lesser number of patients in the hospital. An effective outreach program for a clinical laboratory should include creation of productive business strategies, development of effective marketing programs and training the sales team. Each of these aspects play an important role in the success of an outreach program.

Editorial content for outreach marketing 

 Editorial content is one of the prominent assets of any outreach marketing effort. Industries often publish editorial content based on market research and surveys and offer it to their customers. This acts as an excellent mode to engage your clientele by offering them a greater insight into your products or services while positioning yourself as an industry expert.

Using editorial content to gain brand authority

One of the best methods to succeed in gaining instant brand authority is by frequently publishing authoritative editorial content. A clinical laboratory can create useful, high-quality content targeted at medical and health professionals. In this case, the type of editorial content is generally rich in statistics and visual indicators such as graphs and in-depth analysis of the mechanisms and procedures of tests. For example, your article could be on the lines of “Evaluation of (your test name)”.

The second type of content targets patients. It can contain an overview of the test or product and its benefits along with other general information. For example, your article could provide general information with topics such as “What is (your test name)?”

As a part of your publishing efforts, you must also devote a significant amount of time to research your brand and where it can fit conveniently online. Social media is one of the best places to publish your content as it has an extraordinary reach. Other than this you could also try and find certain communities and blogs where your brand is being discussed in order to obtain maximum leads. In addition to this, you could publish your content in the form of white papers, ebooks, and webinars. These methods help you share your expertise with your customers while gaining quality leads for your services.

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