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| December 25, 2012

A Brief Guide to Clinical Laboratory & Medical Device Marketing

Marketing to medical practices and pathology laboratories is a very dynamic process. Staying in touch with the latest industry trends and technologies is the most important necessity for businesses that target these niches. There are many different methods and approaches that you can utilize to gain exposure in this market; editorial newsletters, webinars, lead generation campaigns and marketing via social media as well as industry publications have become even more important.

Finding leads is typically the primary focus when marketing any device or laboratory service. When it comes to marketing, the support of an effective lead generation mechanism is paramount. You need to constantly update your lead lists and keep watching out for newer opportunities while priming the pump with fresh editorial content relevant to your targets interests.

Medical & Clinical Pathology MarketingJust ask yourself, when was the last time you Googled a question? Exactly! Who hasn’t! Then why not create content around the questions your potential leads need answers to?

Marketing tips

Make sure that your marketing efforts include a rigorous multi channel approach and target the key mediums from which pathology and medical practitioners access information. While using traditional methods such as mail and telemarketing are effective and important, make sure that you combine your conventional sales and marketing strategies with several online marketing efforts as well. Using newer methods like email marketing, social media campaigns, lead generation, online display ad campaigns and SEO strategies can also prove to be highly beneficial given they are managed properly.

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