Another scanner, from Zeiss

| January 11, 2013

“There are stars and then there are superstars and then there was Bo Jackson.  Then he was gone.”


There was Illumea, then Trestle, then Clarient and then there was Zeiss.  Then that was gone.


Zeiss is back offering brightfield and fluoresence images at a claim of “unprecedented” speed.

This was rumored for some time to launch around Q1 2013.  Some rumors turn out to be true.

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No news yet on price/pricing, speed, storage requirements, etc…

Outstanding Image Quality for Even The Most Demanding Virtual Microscopy

Axio-Scan_Z1_224Digitize your specimens and create high-quality virtual slides the reliable, reproducible way – with
Axio Scan.Z1.  Superior ZEISS components guarantee the excellence of your images, giving you virtual slides of a consistently high quality even when capturing fluorescence images at unprecedented speed.

Highly automated and simple to operate, Axio Scan.Z1tackles the most demanding virtual microscopy research tasks as easily as it handles your routine work. The software module ZEN slidescan is designed specifically for the workflow of capturing virtual slides, while ZEN image analysis tools prepare your data accurately.

Organize your virtual slides with ZEN browser, the web-based database, then view your data from any location using any operating system — or share virtual microscopy images online with colleagues and organize your projects, even when you are on the go.

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