Integrating Image Analysis with Data Mining to Accelerate Dx and CDx Biomarker Development from Discovery to Clinical Trials

| January 15, 2013

Dr. Martin Baatz, Vice President of Marketing at Definiens, will present Accelerating and Advancing Dx and CDx Biomarker Development from Discovery to Clinical Trials by Seamlessly Integrating Image Analysis with Data Mining at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Digital Pathology conference next month in San Francisco.

Featured Abstract: Automating the analysis of histological slides for biomarker development supports comprehensive biomarker expression profiling and morphological fingerprinting in unsurpassed detail and accuracy. Workflow automation and highly efficient data correlation, predictive modeling and validation reduce study length from weeks to days.

This conference will address all aspects of digital pathology related to the imaging process, as well as current and emerging applications. Expert speakers will cover the following important topics:

  • Imaging workflow
  • Uses in clinical practice
  • Telepathology
  • Image analysis
  • Regulatory issues
  • Advanced imaging tools


Digital Pathology: The Big Picture
Liron Pantanowitz, M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Department of Pathology, UPMC Shadyside

Workflow Management: From Imaging to Analysis and Database Curation
BS Manjunath, Director, Center for Bio-image Informatics; Vice Chair and Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara

Multiplexed Imaging, Pathology and Personalized Medicine: Keeping Sight of the Forest
Richard Levenson, M.D., Professor and Vice Chair for Strategic Technologies, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, University of California Davis Medical Center

Ephemeral Images, Indelible Data: The Promises and Challenges of Digital Imaging as Applied to Pathology
Ulysses Balis, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pathology, University of Michigan

Filling the Training Gap for Future Pathologists: How Does a Novice like Me Catch Up?
Lewis A. Hassell, M.D., Department of Pathology, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Accelerating and Advancing Dx and CDx Biomarker Development from Discovery to Clinical Trials by Seamlessly Integrating Image Analysis with Data Mining
Martin Baatz, Ph.D., Vice President, Marketing, Definiens

Breast Cancer Predictive Factor Testing: The Challenge and Importance of Standardizing Pre-Analytic Variables
David G. Hicks, M.D., FCAP, Professor and Director, Surgical Pathology Unit, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center

Quantitative in situ Measurement of Biomolecules for Companion Diagnostics
David L. Rimm, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Pathology, Yale University

Advanced Optical Imaging Tools for Pathologists
Sushmita Mukherjee, Ph.D., M.S., Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, Director, Multiphoton Microscopy Facility, Weill Medical College of Cornell University

3D Imaging for Tumor Vasculature
Raul Brauner, Founder and CEO, Oncotree and Biotree

Digital Imaging in Hematology- Emerging Technologies
James Linder, M.D., Senior Associate to the President for Innovation and Economic Competitiveness; President, University Technology Development Corp.; Professor, Pathology and Microbiology, University of Nebraska

DNA as Storage Platform: An Overview
Sanjay Joshi, CTO, Life Sciences, Isilon Storage Division, EMC Corporation

Practical ePathology Solutions for Community Pathologists: What a Difference a Letter Makes
Eric F. Glassy, M.D., Medical Director, Pathology, Inc.

Developing Infrastructure which Enables the Insourcing of Telepathology Consultation into a Subspecialty Practice
David C. Wilbur, M.D., Professor, Pathology, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital

Digital Pathology with China: Waking the Sleeping Giant
Jian Yu Rao, M.D., Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UCLA Program on Genomics and Nutrition

Telepathology Initiative for Improved Patient Care in VISN 8 Veteran’s Administration Network
Speaker TBD, James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital

A Systems Approach: Integrating Molecular and other Novel Diagnostics into Comprehensive Pathology Consultations
Sylvia L. Asa, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director, Laboratory Medicine Program, University Health Network and Lakeridge Health; Senior Scientist, Ontario Cancer Institute; Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, University of Toronto

A Better View Ahead: Next Generation Approaches to Cellular Analysis
Kenneth J. Bloom, M.D., CMO, Clarient, Inc.

Essential Digital Pathology: Perfecting Digital Image Acquisition
Yukako Yagi, Ph.D., Director, MGH Pathology Imaging & Communication Technology (PICT) Center, Massachusetts General Hospital; Affiliated Faculty, Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital; Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

Real-Time Deformable Registration of Multi-Modal Whole Slides for Digital Pathology
Dirk Vossen, Ph.D., Director, Applications and Q&R, Philips Digital Pathology

How Do You Make Sure WSI are Safe to Use?
Elizabeth A. Krupinski, Ph.D., Professor & Vice Chair of Research, Department of Medical Imaging, University of Arizona

Validation of Digital Whole Slide Images (WSI) for Diagnosis and Correlation Studies
Anil V. Parwani, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Division of Pathology Informatics, University of Pittsburgh

Regulatory Issues & the Practice of Digital Pathology
Keith Kaplan, M.D., Pathologist and CIO, Carolinas Pathology Group

Liron Pantanowitz, M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Department of Pathology, UPMC Shadyside

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