Do’s and Don’ts of SEO Copywriting

| January 22, 2013

It is important for copywriters to understand and apply good SEO techniques in their copywriting as the two are very closely related. While the value of well-written content is unparalleled, there is also a way in which you can combine quality content writing techniques and SEO copywriting techniques to get maximum reader engagement and visibility in search. Here are a few dos and don’ts of SEO copywriting that can take you to the top of the search results.

Meta data

Meta data refers to content that is not visible only to search engines. This meta data generally shows up in the search engine results page. Most people often neglect meta data thinking that it does not make much impact on the SERP ranking. But it is actually a very good method to propel your page ranking using keywords. Meta data consists of the page title and description. Including keywords in the title and description is a good idea but overdoing it may be considered as spammy by the search engines. Also try as much as possible to place the keyword in the beginning of the title. If not, at least keep it close to the beginning.

You can also follow the same procedure for the page description but here you have more scope to include more than one instance of the keyword separated by at least 70-80 words. Also try to include a call to action in the page description as you also have to draw traffic from the search results.


Including subheads in an article is a very good practice. Subheads make the article easily readable and also crawlable by the search engine robots. Including keywords in subheads is also a good idea as they can be easily picked and indexed by the search engines. Not using or avoiding subheads in an article may work as all the content in a website will be crawled. But using subheads definitely adds an advantage as the robots can easily locate the keywords and it also enhances user experience giving you an edge over your competition…

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