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| January 24, 2013

Many thanks to the College of American Pathologists for the nod and recommendation on recent posting regarding pathologists and clinicians attitudes and behaviors towards digital pathology I recently witnessed.


As an update to the post, it is my hope that this further illustrates the need for a new, updated and improved scanners as the current one has served us well but is now dated and and in constant need of repairs like a trusty old pickup.  Keep the old one but enhance with new, better, faster and dollar for dollar, cheaper compared to similar investments 8 or 10 years ago. So far though no additional commitments to investing in new technology in the form of (a) scanner(s) have been made despite patient-centric need and our mission to support clinical management, diagnosis and treatment.

Fortunately, the focus has shifted to making this an enterprise-level project/investment to encompass dozens of hospitals throughout the system with shared image viewing.  Even terms such as “PACS” are being used by hospital administrators as it relates to digital pathology.  “Seamless”, “integrated”, “anytime, anywhere viewing” are terms used at many a meeting in terms of vision and strategy. The future is bright.

Digital Pathology Blog: Addicted To Digital Pathology

A funny thing happened to me on my way to the office a few months back. After many years in the thought and planning process our anatomic pathology laboratory with one of our hospital partners is being renovated. As part of the renovation, temporary workspaces and relocation of equipment and personnel is needed. [more]

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