Simagis Digital Web Pathology Launches Service Provider Network

| April 5, 2013

There are a few basic value propositions in digital pathology – namely that the images are persistent, consistent and efficient.  That is to say the images, once acquired, do not degrade, fade or get altered as do many glass slides do over time.  

The end user, be it basic science researcher, clinical scientist or anatomic pathologist enjoys three corollary value propositions: 1) User not tethered to a microscope 2) User not tethered to laboratory 3) User not tethered to reporting system(s).

These value propositions assume that the user has ready access to a slide scanner.  Don’t have a scanner? No problem with a distributed slide scanning network with several locations worldwide.  

On a fixed fee-for-service, send slides to be scanned and uploaded for decentralized review from anywhere in the world.

This brings to mind another value proposition for digital pathology — The 4 R’s: The right slide on the right patient at the right time to the right pathologist.

Whereas lack of scanner access may have been a barrier, this application built out by Smart Imaging Technologies is part of the solution.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 04, 2013 — Now pathologists around the globe don’t need to own a slide scanner to get benefits of Digital Pathology. They can simply find nearest provider or slide scanning services, submit an order and send glass tissue slides for processing.

Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 12.34.12 AMThe slides will be scanned to digital form and seamlessly delivered to designated workspace on any private or public Digital Pathology Cloud Server powered by Simagis Live technology. Once tissue slides are digitized and uploaded to the server they become instantly available to physicians anywhere in the world, enabling knowledge sharing, remote consultations, collaborative diagnostics and improved care for cancer patients in remote geographic areas.

The network of participating service providers includes number of tested and verified organizations from Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia. These Service providers also provide other services besides slide scanning including special staining and professional consultation services. Information about network participants with services, prices and sample scans can be easily found on interactive map

“Our mission is to make Digital Pathology affordable and productive for practices of any size around the globe and we are excited to make this service available to any professional network powered by our servers,” says Vitali Khvatkov, the founder of Smart Imaging Technologies. “Buying a slide scanner often presents a barrier for smaller labs to experience Digital Pathology. We want to remove the barriers to adoption of this transformational technology that has tremendous potential to improve cancer diagnostic world-wide,” he added.

Smart Imaging Technologies provides digital slide management software, whole slide image analysis applications and cloud hosting services that make Digital Pathology affordable for practices of any size. With these products, users can easily manage, view, annotate, share and analyze digital slides from any web browser. Smart Imaging Technologies’ products can be custom branded and deployed on-premises or in the cloud to deliver unified solutions across geographic boundaries. For details about technology and solutions manufacturers and integrators, contact End users can learn more about technologies and sign-up for free web service at .

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