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| April 23, 2013

emc isilonBig Data is a potentially big problem.  But not for EMC Isilon.  There definition for scalable is “75 TB to 15 PB” with a pay as you go model.  15 petabytes (PB)!

If this technology can deal with human cancer genome data, it can deal with digital pathology!  75 TB in digital pathology terms, roughly, if you conservatively figure  250 MB per image, or 4 images per GB, or 4000 images per terabyte, 75 TB would contain 300,000 images. And there are 1024 terabytes per petabyte (PB). One PB is equal to 1048576 GB.  300,000 images, if each case for an institution had, again conservatively, 7.5 slides scanned per case, would allow for 40,000 cases, on the low end of current “scalable” storage with a conservative estimate of file size and conservative estimate of how many slides/whole slides images per case.  

If you have 40,000 cancer cases per year in your institution, your problems are probably not scalable data storage and you are still a ways from petabyte storage.   


When the largest-ever human cancer genome data was released to the global scientific community, the aim was to exponentially increase chances for a cure. While the research provided key discoveries, it revealed another problem: Big Data.

Watch this video to learn more about the world’s fastest and most simple scale-out NAS solution that turns big data into discoveries, solutions and opportunities.

The founders of EMC Isilon worked on three key differentiators with life sciences and bioinformatics in mind:

  • Speed—the world’s fastest NAS system can process 1.1 million IOPS per second in one single volume, one single file system.
  • Simplicity—the complexity of traditional data storage systems has virtually been engineered out of the Isilon system to make it simply “plug and play.”
  • Scalable—easily and non-disruptively scale a single file system from 75 TB to 15 PB and pay for the storage as you need it—not all at once.

Imagine a world where health and wellness become personalized, less costly and less mysterious and the life sciences and bioinformatics industries can easily leverage their data to find answers and treatments to human disease. Contact us to see how we can help make that happen.

EMC Isilon – The World’s Fastest NAS System


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