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| June 12, 2013

A meta-analysis of telemedicine success in Africa
Dan S Wamala, Kaddu Augustine
J Pathol Inform 2013, 4:6 (30 May 2013)

The history of pathology informatics: A global perspective
Seung Park, Anil V Parwani, Raymond D Aller, Lech Banach, Michael J Becich, Stephan Borkenfeld, Alexis B Carter, Bruce A Friedman, Marcial Garcia Rojo, Andrew Georgiou, Gian Kayser, Klaus Kayser, Michael Legg, Christopher Naugler, Takashi Sawai, Hal Weiner, Dennis Winsten, Liron Pantanowitz
J Pathol Inform 2013, 4:7 (30 May 2013)

Mitosis detection in breast cancer histological images An ICPR 2012 contest
Roux Ludovic, Racoceanu Daniel, Loménie Nicolas, Kulikova Maria, Irshad Humayun, Klossa Jacques, Capron Frédérique, Genestie Catherine, Le Naour Gilles, N Gurcan Metin
J Pathol Inform 2013, 4:8 (30 May 2013)

Classification of mitotic figures with convolutional neural networks and seeded blob features
Christopher D Malon, Eric Cosatto
J Pathol Inform 2013, 4:9 (30 May 2013)

Automated mitosis detection in histopathology using morphological and multi-channel statistics features
Humayun Irshad
J Pathol Inform 2013, 4:10 (30 May 2013)

A gamma-gaussian mixture model for detection of mitotic cells in breast cancer histopathology images
Adnan Mujahid Khan, Hesham ElDaly, Nasir M Rajpoot
J Pathol Inform 2013, 4:11 (30 May 2013)

Mitosis detection using generic features and an ensemble of cascade adaboosts
F Boray Tek
J Pathol Inform 2013, 4:12 (30 May 2013)



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