Free Webinar from Indica Labs: ‘Spot On’ Analysis: Cell-by-Cell Quantification of DNA, RNA In-Situ Hybridization or IHC Foci

| June 30, 2013

Presented by Kate Lillard, PhD, CSO Indica Labs

From single probe CISH to multiplexed RNA FISH, in situ hybridization applications are increasingly being employed in mainstream tissue-based research and clinical pathology labs. In this 60-minute webinar,  we will discuss different spot-based quantification applications available to aid in the analysis of these assays.  Image analysis applications to be introduced and demonstrated include:

•          DNA FISH, CISH, and SISH for amplification and deletion detection

•          FISH break-apart-fusion analysis to detect DNA rearrangements

•          RNA ISH analysis across brightfield tissues

•          Multiplex mRNA FISH, analyze RNAScope and ViewRNA using up to 4 probes

•          Quantification of protein foci, such as nuclear gamma-H2AX foci                                                                                        

Register for one of two webinar sessions at

Session 1: July 16, 2013 – 07:00 PST | 15:00 BST

Session 2: July 16, 2013 – 16:00 PST | 08:00 JST (+1 Day)




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