Histology Image Analysis Provider OracleBio to Showcase Their Xenograft Evaluation Services at the Tumor Models Conference, Boston, MA

| July 23, 2013

OracleBio to sponsor the Tumor Models conference in  Boston, MA, 23-25th July and plan to showcase their Oncology  image analysis expertise

Newhouse, Scotland, July 23 / B3C  newswire / –  OracleBio, providers of high precision  digital image analysis services for detailed quantification of  histological marker staining within cells and tissues, is pleased to  announce it will be a principal sponsor of the forthcoming Tumor Models  conference to be held in Boston, MA on the 23-25th July.

At the conference OracleBio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr  Lorcan Sherry, will also deliver a presentation entitled ‘Detailed  Quantification of Drug Response Read-outs in Tumor Xenograft Tissue using  Whole Slide Digital Image Analysis’, which will highlight OracleBio’s  expertise in using Definiens Tissue Studio™ for quantification of common  Xenograft drug efficacy parameters.

Using state of the art Definiens image analysis software,  OracleBio can deliver accurate and consistent quantification of  histological, IHC and ISH marker staining on a cell-by-cell basis. The  company have extensive experience of tumor xenograft analysis, covering a  wide range of drug response read-outs including viable and necrotic  content, mechanistic markers (proliferation, microvessel density,  apoptosis, DNA damage and more) and specific biomarker expression within  sub-cellular compartments (nucleus, cytoplasm and membrane).

“Our client base now includes some of the world’s largest  pharmaceutical companies,” explains Dr John Waller, COO of OracleBio ”and  with over 75 years’ management experience of working within Pharma  R&D, biomarker research and image analysis, OracleBio brings a wealth  of expertise and value to its customers by combining scientific excellence  and Definiens image analysis solutions”.

Dr Sherry continues “Our customers clearly benefit from  the high data quality and fast turn-around times we can deliver using  Definiens Tissue Studio™, which is considered the industry gold standard  image analysis software”.

OracleBio’s success is reflected in a recent expansion of  its workforce to include two new business development managers based in  the USA and Europe, who aim to enhance the provision of image analysis  services within Pharma R&D, diagnostics development, digital pathology  and biomarker research.

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About OracleBio OracleBio provides high  precision image analysis services for quantification of protein and RNA in  cells and tissues. Using Definiens’ state of the art Tissue Studio™  software (www.definiens.com), OracleBio delivers  accurate and detailed quantification of nuclear, membrane and cytoplasmic  markers on a cell-by-cell basis within whole slide, or single field of  view images from chromogenic and fluorescent stained cells and  tissues.


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