Emerald Isle Leading the Way for Digital Pathology

| August 13, 2013

emeraldisleblogThere were few more surprised at Ireland’s rapid economic growth in the early 2000’s than the Irish themselves; such is the makeup of their people.  Since this time the Celtic Tiger has had to find its feet again, but with internet giants Google and Facebook choosing to locate in Silicon Docks in Dublin, things are starting to look up.  Increasing growth is particularly evident in the digital pathology sector, where PathXL (formerly i-Path) and SlidePath (now part of Leica) have led the way in developing vendor neutral digital pathology solutions.

The two Irish companies have similarities; both spun out from universities (SlidePath from Dublin City University and PathXL from Queen’s University Belfast) and both started by developing educational solutions used to assess students.   These companies were among the first on the digital pathology scene and from the outset pushed the boundaries of what was possible. 

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Source: PathXL

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