Digital pathology and social networking

| August 14, 2013

pathxl_logoKatie McKinley from PathXL has a nice piece on their blog on the use of social networking tools and technologies combined with digital pathology for what I termed “Pathology 2.0“. That is to say that the same tools that allow us to be and stay connected on a social level are also being used for sharing information, case information relevant to patient care, harnessing collective intelligence and thoughts for best outcomes. 

She writes “In the pathology profession in particular, social networking is a core activity in everyday tasks. How many consultants will nip into their colleague in the next office to ask for an opinion, submit case slides to the external quality authority to be part of the next EQA or talk about an interesting case at the annual meeting?

This is social networking at work and it is moving online much more quickly than anticipated. Consultants are now sending entire cases of digital slides with annotations, to colleagues around the world in seconds, something where we see demand increasing year on year thanks to the adaption to the cloud in digital pathology.”

The blog post mentions other deliverables – encourage you to read more here.




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